Collada to glTF conversion doesn't show some parts

I have a collada file containing the model for a house (without the sides). When I convert it to glTF most of the solar panels and the back half of the roof is not shown in cesium.

The collada model:

the glTF model (converted from collada):

I have uploaded the collada file to this url so you can download it:

The resulting glTF file can be found via this url:


You might need to put the original jpg/gif textures that the model makes reference to into a relative directory for your application to make use of:

I converted a bunch of sketch-up models from their initial skp files (eg bongo.skp) to dae (plus a directory full of textures called bongo if the skp->dae conversion make it…) and then zipped the dae file eg bongo.dae (and the relevant directory of textures - bongo - in this case) so that I could zip the lot for the conversion process. I then made sure that the original directory of textures were available to the app in the same place where I stored the bongo.gltf file.

Hope you don’t do Bongo over this :wink: