collada to gltf conversion is appearing black in many systems also it is appearing well in some

**hello everyone … i have to convert some 3D dae. models into gltf and visualize them on cesium globe … while converting these models they are appearing dark in conversion window also dark in cesium globe… also they are appearing well in gltf viewer(i have attached image for both) and… while doing same thing on my friend’s pc i am not facing any such problem (my pc is running on windows 10 and i7 processor while my friend’s pc is running on windows 7 and i5 processor) i have attached dae file along with texture image and gltf converted model too … kindly help me **

BUILD3 (2).gltf (122 KB)

BUILD3.dae (10.7 KB)

It seems like you’re running into this Cesium bug:

I took a look at the .dae file and it looks like there are normals in there but they are not hooked up properly. Maybe that is a problem in the tool that is exporting the COLLADA files?

why is it working properly on some systems… is it due to change in pc’s processor … i am still confused… what should i do now.? are there any changes i should make in collada file before conversion?

I’m not sure why it’s different across systems, I would expect the same result.

For now, if you are able to export the collada with correct normals that would fix the problem. But this might be out of your control.

Just to get it working I loaded the file in Blender, which generates normals, and then exported it. The dae and gltf are attached and both look correct now.

build3_normals.gltf (124 KB)

build3_normals.dae (15.8 KB)


The model should be rendered correctly now in Cesium without the need to generate normals.

See The fix will be in Cesium 1.45.