Commit access for Chris Cooper

We want to congratulate Chris Cooper from NICTA, who now has commit access to the main Cesium repo. Chris has significant and sustained contributions to the terrain and imagery code, and is writing awesome effects for the post-processing framework. Check out Chris’ and NICTA’s work on the demos page.

We’re particularly excited since Chris is the first person outside of AGI to have commit access. Our intention is for Cesium to be a community project. It is founded by AGI, and AGI continues to support the majority of the development, but we strive for a diverse set of contributors who also receive credit. We’re happy to have 10 contributors outside of AGI (who has 14 contributors).

As for granting commit access, we are following advice in Producing Open Source Software and the Apache Way. Basically someone with commit access proposes a vote to grant someone commit access, and is granted with three yes’ and no no’s after waiting a week. I’m not exactly one for much structure or stratification, but this is pretty lightweight so far. Like the Subversion project, we are not granting commit access based on employment, i.e., AGI developers go through the same process.

With GitHub making it so easy to contribute, having a commit access to a project is not as big of a deal as it was, say, ten years ago. However, it is still useful for collaborating on branches and merging pull requests.