Configuring cesium to use QGIS in offline.

I want to configure cesium to use in a fully offline environment. For that I used the tileset in ‘Assets/Textures/NaturalEarthII’. Now I want to use QGIS as the imagery server and configure cesium to work with it in an offline mode. But I do not have a clear idea about the procedure that I should follow and the starting point.

This discussion talks a bit about that:!topic/cesium-dev/j7rpBtTNe3g

The last post there is a good summary of what you’ll need to do. Hope this helps!

Hi Omar,

Thanks for your guide. I am new to both cesium and QGIS. I created imagery provider as in the example you mentioned.

But it does not work offline. When creating the viewer widget using this imagery provider how should we use the url.

You’ve provided a local path for the url. What you’ll need to do is serve up those files, and then use that served urls. There are a lot of templates for static servers on the web, and Cesium itself uses a simple development one in server.js.