continuous fly from one position to another

I am trying to make a button named takatour to fly continuously. basic is to simply click on one button and after that it will fly continuously from one position to another as per the given longitude and latitude.But after so much try it is showing error and show only last position of longitude and latitude array but i want to stop for atleast 10sec at one position and then fly.Can u help me plz to find the solution of that problem.

But now i am able to fly it continuously from one position to another but it is going on event of alert evertime i have to click on ok and then it flies to another i think this alert is interrupting the user so can anyone just help me to find the solution of that problem??

Pooja, without seeing your code or running the app, it’s hard to debug this type of problem. Can you host the app somewhere or post a simple example of what you’re doing.

ok this is my code which i am using to do function of flying from one position to another with the help of longitude and lattitude

function continuousFly(scene,ellipsoid,location12){

    var x = [78.93, 93.55, 76.63, 80.96, 76.50];

var y = [29.55, 26.67, 11.66, 23.69, 26.02];

for(var i = 0; i<5; i++)



for(var j=i;j!=(i+1);j++)






function continuousFlyToSanctuary(scene,p,q,ellipsoid) {

//Sandcastle.declare(flyToSanctuary); // For highlighting in Sandcastle.

var destination = Cesium.Cartographic.fromDegrees(p, q, 15000);


var flight = Cesium.CameraFlightPath.createAnimationCartographic(scene.getFrameState(), {

destination : destination,

onComplete : function() {






here var x and y are array of longitude and lattitude

but it is working on clicking of alert that is showing longitude value of respestive place but i want to do without showing alert so can u help me to find the solution of that problem?