Could I draw images or text on the 3DTiles or Models?

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Is there some way to draw images or text on the 3DTiles or 3D-Models?

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I had some area which build by 3DTiles;
(1) I want to draw the street-name on the road in 3DTiles, which lay and rotate with road, not float (like Label).
(2) I want to draw the Logo on the park ground (3DTiles).

4. The Cesium version you're using, your operating system and browser.
Any version, I can switch to.

Hey Dave,

You can drape polygons onto terrain (see the “textured polygon” exampled here but it looks like this only works on terrain, not 3D Tiles.

This is definitely something we want to add support for, we have an issue open for it and I went ahead and bumped it to make sure it gets attention:

Feel free to chime in there too if you’d like to add anything!


Current version(1.50) only works on Cesium.ClassificationType.TERRAIN,
the Cesium.ClassificationType.CESIUM_3D_TILE is draw on terrain too.

Yeah, that property won’t affect textured polygons I think. but you can see it working for other polygons here:

Hi Dave,