COVID-19 Data Visualizer (a Hackathon Project)

About the Tool

The tool is a web application that display COVID-19 data by country from December 31, 2019, namely the number of cases, deaths, cases per million, and deaths per millions. It allows users to view the data on a timeline, click on data points to learn more about a country’s status, and zoom into certain regions (both by name and by latitude and longitude). This project was submitted to the TecHacks 2020 hackathon created over a weekend.

Technologies Used

This project was built using:

  • Cesium/Resium: Resium is the React component library for Cesium.
  • React: The frontend of this project is done entirely in React.
  • Bulma: The CSS framework.
  • czml-writer: The data format I used was czml.
  • Google Sheets’ geocode function to turn countries into latitude and longitude.
  • And finally, last but not least, dataset from Our World in Data.

Relevant links

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.
A live demo of the project can be found here.
See the project on Devpost here.


This looks awesome, thanks for sharing this!

I particularly love watching the timeline and switching to 2D mode to see the whole world at once, and how it starts spreading slowly but at some point it’s just everywhere.

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This is really nice! I keep speeding through that timeline watching the spread. I love the transparency and colors you used to make these numbers easier to understand.

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