Cracks between 3D_MODEL textures in 3D tiles

I have been using Cesium ION to convert .obj files to 3D tiles but have noticed that there are cracks between the different texture patches. This does not seem to be the case if I use Cesium ION to convert the .obj file to a glTF file (or if I view the .obj on Cloud Compare).

Below are images of the same section of the Model as 3D tiles and as a glTF. You can see the cracks in the 3D tiles image and not in the glTF image. It also seems that the texture is a bit blurry in the 3D tiles version.

3D tiles (with cracks)

glTF (no cracks)

I would like to make use of 3D tiles rather than glTF as our models can get pretty large and we need to render them in a browser.

What would the cause be for the cracks and worse texture quality in the 3D tiles? Is there anything I can do my models to make it better?

Hi - Thanks for reaching out. Can you please share more details about the software you used to produce the photogrammetry model (glTF), as well as the upload type option you used when uploading? Alternatively, you can provide the asset ID and I can look it up.

Sure, the .obj model was created by our in-house software. The glTF was created from the .obj file by Cesium ION. The asset number for the above glTF is 1163901.

Hi - Looks like you used the “3D Model” source type. The source type for this would be a 3D Capture. Would you mind re-uploading the tileset and use the 3D Capture option?

Thank you, that makes a huge difference!