Custom terrain - Not adding to Cesium World Terrain

Hi, when I add a new terrain layer to cesium ion using ‘mean sea level’ the terrain height is adjusted, but when uploading and choosing ‘Cesium world terrain’, the height of terrain doesn’t change?

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Is this specific to the Cesium ion UI? I think this question should be directed to the Cesium ion category?


Ah yes it is Cesium Ion related.

This is an ID as an example that won’t save;


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Thanks @clint for clarifying. I’ve moved this to the Cesium ion category so you can get the relevant support.


The Base terrain option doesn’t affect the height of the rendered terrain, that is controlled by the two height options below. Here is the help text that describes what Base Terrain does:

Base Terrain is the terrain with which your terrain data will be combined to create a new global terrain layer.

While your asset height may not change, the terrain height surrounding it will probably be different. Here is an our Zion sample data tiled with both Mean Sea Level and Cesium World Terrain. You can see that in the Mean Sea Level example, the data appears high above the other terrain (at sea level). In the Cesium World Terrain example it appears at a similar height to existing terrain.

Mean Sea Level

Cesium World Terrain

If this isn’t what you are seeing with your terrain, please let us know and we can look into it further.