Cut an asset once it is integrated in Unreal

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I succeed to add my terrain and a raster overlay on it. But my terrain is actually way bigger than my raster as you can see on this screenshot:

I was wondering if someone knew a way to cut an element in Unreal so i could cut my data and limit them to only the raster data that we see


You can use a cartographic polygon for this:

In the latest versions of Cesium for Unreal, there’s an option to exclude everything outside a polygon.

Ok thanks for the link

And sorry for the following dummy question but how do i download the last version of Cesium for unreal? I dont have the “exclude” option yet in my version even and in epic games i dont see any update options. I have yet the 1.13.1

In the Epic Games Launcher under Unreal Engine → Library, click the “Installed Plugins” link under your UE version. You should see a button there to update Cesium for Unreal:

You can confirm your plugin version by going to Edit → Plugins in the UE Editor and looking in the Geospatial category.

i have only this option
but whenI open on of my unreal project I see that i just have the 1.13 version and still not the 1.15 of cesium plug-in:
and i guessed it is linked with the fact that it is not UE5.2 but i dont get it because i have UE5.2 normaly:

The plugin must be installed (and updated) separately for each Unreal Engine version. So check what version of Unreal your project is tied to and then update that one. If your Engine installation isn’t managed by the Epic Launcher, you’ll have to manually install/update Cesium for Unreal into its Engine/Plugins/Marketplace directory.