Unreal Engine - Cesium Cutout Spline Tool

Hi all.
Has anyone seen a tool for Unreal Engine where you can cut out the cesium terrain mesh with a spline shape or geometry?
We want to add out own geometry in unreal but need to hide patches of cesium so imported mesh does not clash.
Is this on the list to make as it would be a super useful tool for visualisations.


Thank you for the post! In general, if you give questions related to Unreal the “Cesium for Unreal” tag, you will get more tailored responses. @agallegos handles a lot of Unreal questions and should be able to help you out with this.


I’ve moved this thread to the Cesium for Unreal tag for future reference.

@glnhrrs, we’re currently working on a tool just like that. You can see the work-in-progress here -Clipping 2.5d by nithinp7 · Pull Request #446 · CesiumGS/cesium-unreal · GitHub

If you like, you can download the plugin from that branch and test it out on your own, or wait until it’s properly added to the plugin.


Awesome! Thanks for your help on this guys !
We found another way using cutout maps. Keen to look into what you linked here
Thanks again

Bumping this old thread. Could you please share your findings @glnhrrs ? I’m also looking into cutting out Cesium terrain to fit custom static meshes. Can’t get any results unfortunately with link provided by @agallegos . Help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance!

Hi @s.kasmin,

The changes mentioned above have been merged into the September plugin release. If you’re using a recent version of the plugin from the Unreal Engine Marketplace, you should be able to access the cutout tool now. You can find instructions on using it here - let me know if that helps.