Hello, I’m building a racing game and found Cesium. Being new to this ask if there is a specific workflow. I’m interested in a small map surrounding the racing track and the spline for the rack elevation, terrain auto material, etc. Some of the buildings there will be rebuilt in blender using the Blender to unreal plugin and also the mesh of the roads splines, racing track safety rails, bumpers. Does Cesium allow this workflow? Seen your tutorials about foliage. great tool. Also, I have to mention that I work on a game meant to be a demo, so scaling to real-time data in terrain is not to be approached now but at a later time when the budget for the release version will grow and time would be plenty to study the plugin. I will go forward with the project may be ill manage to understand myself without the specter of the uncontrollable landscape actor. Thank you for your time reading this paper, a noob here.