Height maps, roads, drivable cars

Hi all,

I have successfully set up a location within UE using Cesium. There is a Brushify.io roads pack within the UE marketplace in which you can easily put in different styles of roads to the terrain. To get this to work (the way I am understanding it) is that there needs to be a terrain map in place within UE. Since Cesium map is not editable would you be able to create a height map from the Cesium data and then import it back into UE to overlay onto Cesium map. This would allow the splines for the roads asset pack to be mapped out to the terrain. If there is another way to skin this, please lmk.

Thank you!

Hi @pickleproductions,

This is not currently part of the plugin, but is a feature that we’re exploring. If you’re able, please share your use case for this feature in this thread. Your input can help us steer plugin development.