DAE to GLB Model Conversion Issue - Transparency

When I convert my DAE file to GLB using the Cesium Converter, the textures become transparent.

This is weird because this problem does not exist when I go from OBJ to GLB.

Can someone tell me how to fix this? Currently, my process is model in 3ds max, export to 3ds, import into blender and animate in that program, export to DAE and use the Cesium converter to convert to a glb.

Please see attached for the 3ds, dae, glb and texture files.

merlin_s.zip (656 KB)

The converter on the website is a bit outdated and is using an older branch of COLLADA2GLTF. If you try building COLLADA2GLTF from the 2.0 branch and then convert the model it should be better: https://github.com/KhronosGroup/COLLADA2GLTF/tree/2.0.

Attached is the new glb.

merlin.glb (242 KB)

Thank you for this… and converting it. I’ll give the new version a try.