Development stack for a interactive & immersive web application

Hi, I am completely new to cesium!

As a GIS analyst, my primary tool for daily work is an Esri product. However, I am particularly interested in learning Cesium for a personal project. This project involves creating an interactive and immersive web application. My goal is to achieve the following functionalities:

-User/admin login
-Uploading and downloading data
-Displaying 2D/3D views side by side
-Showing pop-up information when clicking on objects like buildings
-Integrating with Building Information Modeling (BIM)
-Conducting elevation profiling

I would appreciate advice on the recommended development stack for implementing the above features. Personally, I have a preference for using React/Svelte. Regarding the database connection, I’m wondering if it’s possible to integrate with geoserver/postGIS.


Hi there,

Cesium is a great choice for creating 3D geospatial applications and can provide many of the the features you’re looking for. While other community members may be able to help with the rest of the tech stack, I can speak to the areas where Cesium can be used. It should be fairly straightforward to integrate React or svelte, and any other web services, into a CesiumJS app.

-Displaying 2D/3D views side by side
-Showing pop-up information when clicking on objects like buildings

CesiumJS has support for these out of the box. I would begin by browsing examples at to see some of these features in action.

Uploading and downloading data

Cesium ion provides this capability for certain data formats.

Integrating with Building Information Modeling (BIM)

More details around the requirements would be helpful here, but it is possible to convert BIM data to 3D Tiles in Cesium ion, then stream the data into CesiumJS.

-Conducting elevation profiling

It’s possible to sample positions through CesiumJS. Some work would need to be done to integrate graphs or charts if needed. D3 is a great tool for that.


Hi Gabby,

Thank you very much for your reply, really helpful.

As suggested, it seems like a good idea to explore examples available from this site to begin with. I didn’t think of the potential synergy between D3 and cesium, but is strikes me as an excellent idea!