Disabling vertex compression on a datasource?

I’ve been looking at some highly detailed geometry loaded from vector dataSources, and some of the vertices are being lost when rendered to Cesium for very small but very detailed objects.

Is this due to vertex compression or the vertex cache? Is there a straightforward way to disable that on the datsource or entity collection level?

There’s no way to set this at the Entity API level right now, but it should be easy enough to add. I was hoping there was a default you can set but that doesn’t seem to be the case either. You could easily hack up Primitive.js to just set it to false in all cases for a quick test. That being said, I don’t think compression is the problem here. If the positions are really close together then it sounds more like a bad epsilon value somewhere causing close points to be removed.

In either case, if you can extract a test data set that exposes the problem, we’ll definitely want to fix this. Thanks.

Attached is a good example.

lines.geojson (15.8 KB)

Thanks, I’ll check this out and write up a bug.