Doarama problem

Hello guys,
I really love using this software on a website called Doarama- especially designed to follow a paragliding flight.
I have a problem viewing this on my machine- lenovo laptop with Radeon 8570M videocard 2GB- updated driver, Windows 7 updated to max and chrome also up to date.
The problem is that i can see the globe half black :frowning: and no 3D objects (for example - mountains are 2D when i go to the working site of the globe) I can see my paragliding flight with a line really nice and smoothly but on a black back ground and best case scenario - on 2D - no mountains are displayed..
Can anyone help me please ?
Thanks in advance

Hi again,
Any help please, at least for the 3D visualization of the globe ?

Hi Vasil,

I have responded to this via your Doarama support request.