How to remove cloud layer in Doarama

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I am an active Doarama user, and I really appreciate the graphics.

Doarama uses Cesium for the terrain graphics, but there is a cloud layer that is glued on the ground. This cloud layer serves no purpose, and is very annoying.

Doarama developers say they have no control of the cloud layer, so I am posting this to get a first clue regarding how to fix this problem.

The cloud layer only shows up in low altitudes. When the view point is at higher altitudes the cloud layer disappears.

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If you take a look at this Doarama flight rendering, you will immediately see cumulus clouds glued to the terrain, including shadows from the clouds:

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I use Doarama to memorize terrain details important for low-level ridge flying. The "clouds" hide important information such as power lines.

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I am using Doarama in Google Chrome.

Many thanks in advance for your help!
Best regards
Karl Osen

Hi Karl,

The clouds are not tied to Cesium itself. The Doarama app is either loading that cloud layer directly (which from what the developers say, it sounds like they are not), or it is a part of the imagery they are using. There are other providers of imagery that don’t contain clouds that could be used instead.



Hello Gabby,
Can you name some providers that don't contain clouds? I couldn't find any.

Hi! Have you checked out the imagery layers Cesium includes in the demo? On the top right, click on the button next to the question mark to switch imagery providers.

I tried looking through some of them and it looks like Mapbox Satellite may be good? I’m not sure though because the clouds seem to be a part of the imagery, and it’s hard to take pictures from above without clouds in them.

If you don’t need actual terrain, there are roads imagery like Bing Maps Roads that definitely won’t have clouds, but I’m not sure if that would defeat the purpose for you :confused: