Dynamic Pawn to Dynamic Character

I have an advanced VR Character that I want to obtain some characteristics of the DynamicPawn, e.g. the flying curve across places, and the rotation around earth when at great height. Can you propose a way to merge a Character with the Pawn? I noticed that DynamicPawn BP inherits from GlobeAwareDefaultPawn which is a C++ pawn.

I have copied to a new cpp class from GlobeAwareDefaultPawn.cpp → GlobeAwareDefaultCharacter.cpp and I am trying to change the parent class to Character. Then I will be able to change my parent Character class to this class, I hope …
In this thread I will try to note down the issues to resolve.

Dimitrios@PrismArch-h2020.eu project (https://prismarch-h2020.eu/)


GlobeAwareDefaultPawn is what ensures the DynamicPawn moves appropriately around the earth. You may have to find a way to recreate the logic in GlobeAwareDefaultPawn.cpp in a blueprint in order to change the parent class to Character. They’re designed to be entirely separate, as far as I know.

I’d be very interested to hear the results of your experiments, though!