Ellipsoid hiding 3D model when zooming

In this sandcastle, when zooming in the terrain (default ellipsoid) is rendered higher and higher over the model.


How can I prevent that?

Hi @vruiz,

This clipping is caused by the depth plane, which there is to prevent rendering underground geometry which is typically not visible.

One option would be to set depthPlaneEllipsoidOffset to a negative value in order to prevent the clipping.

For instance, I set the value in your example to -50, and am seeing good results.

Hi @Gabby_Getz ,

Thanks for your reply! I checked your proposal and it works perfectly!
However, now that I can zoom without loosing the model view, I realized that the panning tool in that situation is almost useless and frustating for the user.

Any suggestion on how to improve this?

@vruiz What do you have the offset value set to? Is it 50? I used a rough estimate value. It may make sense to adjust that to the minimum value which still works.

Otherwise, it is possible to override the default camera controls, but I would suggest avoiding that route unless necessary since it may be a fair bit of effort.

@Gabby_Getz it’s 50. It’s a recording of your sandcastle.

I’ll try smaller offsets.