Embedding features into 3D Tile

I am working on a project specification for which I require features displayed in a 3D Tile map based upon GEO location sensor data. These features may be a bike, a person, or a car. Every 60 seconds I will have sensor data indicating the cars new location. I haven’t come across such a scenario in my research. Has anyone in the community done so, have a demo, or seen such an application using 3D tiles. Is it possible?

You need change the location of tileset everytime you receive the signal of your sensor.
To change the location of 3d tileset, please check this.

I could have 100s of sensors. I want to be able to move through the model and look at anyone of the features which has been assigned a new location. The features color may change based upon other sensor information, aside from it’s location change.

what is the problem?

@sydneyDK this may be better accomplished using the Entity API which was designed for this type of data. There are a few examples of this on Sandcastle, like this one: https://sandcastle.cesium.com/index.html?src=Time%20Dynamic%20Wheels.html

This creates position samples at specific timestamps at this line:

  position.addSample(time, location);

In this example the position samples are all created up front, but you can create these samples in real time as you receive data from your sensor, and CesiumJS can handle interpolation/extrapolation of the values.

Thank you Omar and ZhefengJin. Your comments were helpful. Knowing that it can be done and seeing examples helped! My question has been resolved.

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