Entity Marker Incorrect Location

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For certain entities that I have added to a site, when I click on that entity image the Rectangle Marker appears at a distance from that image. However, to check, when I click on that remote location the rectangle does not appear.

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Here is a link to what I am seeing.

Two Clicks

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This is interesting. I think that green marker uses the entity/primitives bounding sphere to figure out where to place it. Is the green marker always offset in the same way regardless of what the angle of the camera is when clicking?

Are you able to share these buildings model? It could be a bug in Cesium or just something in the building (is this a 3D tileset?)

Thanks yet again.

I attached the gltf that seems to be causing the problem. The specific site is The St. Louis Riverfront - Just Block 8 on

   [http://comp.umsl.edu/vcities/ ](http://comp.umsl.edu/vcities/)

which has various Project sites.

ORH.gltf (1.15 MB)

I found A Fix for this specific example. I use the term “Fix” rather than “Solution” because by changing the .dae to .gltf/.glb step sequence I see the Marker in an appropriate position. I wonder if there is a specific reason that the new sequence works?

The problem appeared when I imported a .dae into Sketchup, fixed the model a bit, and directly exported it from Sketchup to a .gltf or glb so that it looked appropriate in Cesium. The “Click Marker” was in an inappropriate position,

The Fix was to export it from Sketchup to a .dae than use the online Cesium converter to converted it to, in this case, a .glb.

The link is still http://comp.umsl.edu/vcities/Cesium150/Apps/Sandcastle/gallery/Block8T.html

and the particular building is The Old Rock House

I’m glad you found a workaround. Thanks for posting it! I’m sure it will help others in the community.

My best guess is that somehow the SketchUp glTF exporter isn’t correctly computing the model’s dimensions. Have you tried using the COLLADA2GLTF converter?


The online Cesium exporter uses an older version of this, so it might be good to try it with the latest version too.