Examples of image or video on non-rectangular polygon

I would like to display an image and ultimately video on a non-rectangular polygon. I've seen the demos using the ExtentPrimitive (both in Sandcastle and subspace for video) and I've been able to recreate them on my own with my imagery and video.

However, I'm not sure how to apply the image to a polygon (specifically an orthorectified primitive of the sensor's field of view). The points for orthorectification will be provided from the server. I'm also interested in this for the purpose of applying radar video (natively in rectangular range/angle) and displaying it as a circular x/y layer.

I apologize if this is covered elsewhere (I've looked in the forums). We are doing a market survey to determine the best tool for display of analytical data and this is one of the features I need to test out. Are there any demos/examples out there that I could use to springboard me into my tests?


Hi Brian,

This is actually something we don’t support yet. I believe the plan is to eventually have Cesium support a couple of use cases but there is no planned time frame.

  1. Given 4 corner points of an orthorectified image produce a properly mapped texture. This is something the commercial OpenGL-based software some Cesium devs work on already does. There’s a blog post about it here: http://blogs.agi.com/insight3d/index.php/2009/11/20/trapezoidal-texture-projection-with-opengl/

  2. Fill a sensor projection footprint with an image or video. (Same as the above but based on the sensor projection on the fly and not a pre-calculated footprint).

As an aside, if you or your company would like to help finance Cesium development, then the priority of features like this is negotiable. Feel free to email me privately at mamato@agi.com if you’re interested in pursuing such a course of action.