Exporting glTF animation from Maya or Max ??? Necessary settings?

Anyone know which settings I need to set in Maya or Max to export a glTF file with animation?

I've tried many variations including Export All, Baked Animations, etc.

I know it works as I can do this:
1) Export a collada file from Maya/Max
2) Import into Blender
3) Export another collada file
4) Convert to glTF and the animations work.


This could be a bug in the Maya/Max COLLADA exporter or in COLLADA2GLTF. Most likely it is COLLADA2GLTF since import into Blender works and I hear that Maya/Max COLLADA support is pretty good. Submit a COLLADA2GLTF bug and include the model if you can: https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF/issues


I know MAYA uses DAE/FBX export, check to make sure animation is turned on, try different baking/cache methods. I'm working on this problem right now too, so if you have any success let me know.