external WMS cascade from GeoServer error

I’m trying to load a WMS from GeoServer into Cesium but I’m receiving this error coming from TileProviderError:

An error occurred in “N”: Failed to obtain image tile X … Cesium.js:410
Resource interpreted as Image but transferred with MIME type application/vnd.ogc.se_xml:


It is an external WMS cascade source but added to GeoServer to avoid CORS problems.



My previous kml-branch builds have allowed me to visualize these layers but not with the latest. I’ll dig to see if I can find the version in which it was working in Cesium.

If anyone has a working GeoServer, could you try to configuring this external WMS layer and adding to Cesium?

function wmsLayer(url, name){
var imageryLayers = viewer.scene.imageryLayers;
var wms = imageryLayers.addImageryProvider(new Cesium.WebMapServiceImageryProvider({
url : url,
layers : name,
parameters : {
transparent : true,
format : ‘image/png’


Any ideas?

I can see the layers loaded in GeoServer’s view layers via OpenLayers so I know that it’s bringing in the images. These errors only occur with external WMS cascade layers for some reason.

A different cascade WMS service was added and works!



I’m guessing it’s either a) a server configuration problem with INEGI and not with Cesium or b) something specific to MapServer talking with Cesium. I’ll keep investigating this.

What’s odd is that it was working in previous versions of Cesium but I can’t seem to locate a version that I can show it working.