Flickering Issue with CesiumGlobeAnchor-Attached Objects in Cesium Space when Using Dynamic Camera

When I place many objects on a parent object in Cesium’s space and attach the CesiumGlobeAnchor script to it, the object flickers in the scene as the camera moves when using a dynamic camera. What could be the reason for this?(When I disable the CesiumOriginShift component of the dynamic camera, the flickering issue no longer occurs)


I can’t think of any reason for that. I think you’ll need to narrow it down further. Is there a certain number of objects at which it starts happening? Or a particular object that triggers the flickering, even if it’s by itself? Can you reproduce it in the Cesium for Unity Samples project, too, or only in your own project?

I think it’s probably because there are too many children of this parent object。

So you’ve said, but I can’t think of a reason the number of children of a game object would affect anything. The CesiumGlobeAnchor only affects the object to which it is directly attached. Then Unity itself propages the changed transform to the child game objects.