Freely available Offline World Imagery?


I was wondering if anyone knows of some freely available world imagery tilesets, similar to the ArcGIS World Imagery? I have seen the NaturalEarthII imagery, but I was hoping to find something with more detail.

Thank you


We have a few extra levels of NatrualEarthII imagery available here:

I’m not sure of any other tilesets available for download, but maybe someone else will have a suggestion =)


There’s some freely-available source datasets that could be used to generate Cesium compatible tilesets. For example, NASA’s Blue Marble Next Gen dataset at , and Unearthed Outdoors’ True Marble dataset at . You would want to use tools like gdal2tiles to turn those source images into a TMS-format tileset.

I spent time last fall doing research on geodata tools, formats, and data sources, and wrote them up in an internal wiki. At some point I may see if I can post that info publicly, but doing so is pretty low on my priority list.