Frequent browser crashes during loading

How to prevent the browser from crashing when cesium loads data. When loading 3dfileset data, it is scaled to the minimum level, with nearly 2000 JSON requests. First of all, these requests take a long time on the network. I can only configure the cluster through the nginx server. When the load is fast, the browser crashes. Because the data accuracy is relatively high, how to set a threshold to stop loading to the maximum extent.

Hi @Hb1731276584! Thank you for your question. Can you please provide some more information on how you are loading your data into CesiumJS? For instance, are you using Cesium ion or storing your data locally?


Hi @sam.rothstein Put it in the Tomcat cluster, use nginx as the proxy, and use Vue to call the display

Our data processing personnel have done top-level data processing. Maybe the top-level data accuracy is still relatively high. My idea is whether there can be a threshold to ensure that it will not crash under any circumstances. If the threshold is reached, let him stop loading


I wonder if decreasing the maximumMemoryUsage would suffice to set a threshold to stop loading your data at the maximum fidelity. I’m guessing that this also would improve the runtime performance of your application.

What error do you receive when the browser crashes?


I guess it also depends on what you mean by “crashing”, if it’s the rendering, or data load, data parsing (what sort of data?), are you doing colorising on the tiles, are you hooked to the tile loading events (there’s some issues around that, mostly memory management), and so on. Any more info you could share would be great (especially around the concept of crashing).



Thanks, Alex. The problem is that the browser rendering crashes and the GPU is insufficient. The reason is that our data accuracy is very high, including the top-level data. This problem has been solved, mainly the data problem.