Georeferencing issues for Mesh generated with Agisoft

I’m quite new to Cesium JS. Currently I’m trying to load in the viewer an .OBJ mesh generated with Agisoft. Once the obj is uploaded, the georeferencing is not recognized so I adjust the tileset location as suggested in the documentation. As reference for defining the position I use the coordinates values retrieved from the georeferenced point cloud on which the mesh was originally built on in the Agisoft environment.
However, when the values are set, a significant difference offset is visible for all 3 coords, especially for the height.
You can find some explicative screenshots below:

Point Cloud

OBJ Mesh

I checked the georeferencing of both the point cloud and mesh in CloudCompare before uploading and the data is consistent.

Could anyone suggest me how to fix this issue or help me understanding where I made any mistake in the process, please? Is there any raccomended procedure for mesh management?

Thanks in advance to anyone who will share useful tips on this topic.