gltf Model ( 3D Building ) Tansparent ?

I have some oblique Photo data .osgb format, and i convert it to .gltf model through the collada2gltf.exe tools (
When i load the modes, the building became transparent,as show below.

i hope someone can help me .


From the looks of it, the converter thinks the meshes are transparent. It could be a few things. Did you recieve any warnings about an “unsupported opaque mode”? I have also seen this happen because of broken Collada exporters. To be able to give you a better answer I would need to see the source Collada model. Can you share that?

Have you tried the online converter at

thank yuo for your replay, i find the answer at,i removed state 3042 from technique0 and technique1. and its works fine. but i dont known why.
thanks again!
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