Help, am I getting banned?


I ask for help.

I just got this email and I’m shocked.
So I’m hoping someone could enlighten me here.

Isn’t cesium free after all?
Can I no longer use cesium once the quota is full?
I looked at the link, but I didn’t understand anything. It says some possibilities for optimization but is cesium limited to the contingent?

The page says that I can look at the consumption here. But since I see only one error nothing else.

And I used next to nothing. I’m still in the development phase and I don’t understand what the problem is now?
First it is suggested that Cesium is completely free… now after so much work put into it comes this shocking news.

I only use a few polygons and polylines on the map… and to pay for it now would be extremely fooling.

I hope it’s not what I’m thinking right now and you can give me some positive news…

Waiting for your feedback.
thanks in advance

Cesium JS is free, but what isn’t completely free is the use of Bing Maps as the basemap imagery provider (see pricing). You can avoid the problem by using one of the other imagery providers like OpenStreetMap:

    imageryProvider : new Cesium.OpenStreetMapImageryProvider({
        url : ''

Rest assured that you are not being banned.

Thank you for the reply and clarification.
Then I’m a bit calmer.

What is the 5GB all about and what is it for exactly?
I assumed that I would depict 3D objects on the card and that the 5GB would be reserved for that. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

That with OpenStreetMap as an alternative is really (sorry for the word) crappy, since it is designed more for a navigation device and therefore also looks shit in terms of design.
The thing with the Bing Map was actually still ok, but I wanted to change the Bing Map anyway.

Then I ask the question about the map directly:
Is there a map where pure landscape can be seen, so where no streets and houses are shown?
I would like to show the old time and “the period of ignorance” on the map and there were no houses and freeways etc.

In the screenshot there are 2 groups of maps that can be selected.
Is everything that Cesium ion says here subject to a charge?
So also the terrain area?

In the free version I can only use the Other area or not?

But a standard area should be free here, shouldn’t it?

Hi - Also take a look at Optimize Your Account Quotas – Cesium, which is specifically designed to address these questions and help optimize your usage.

The various providers under the CesiumJS selection tool are provided courtesy of their owners for testing and evaluation. For the Cesium ion imagery layers, those are covered under the limits of the free Community Tier account. If you are using the other providers, its probably best to consult with the imagery provider you prefer.