Help: Melbourne Point Cloud doesn't show!

Hi everyone.

Recently I started to follow the tutorials:

  1. Quickstart.
  2. Adding datasets.

I load any photogrammetry model from Cesium Ion successfully. However, when I load Melbourne Point Cloud, it can’t be seen in the viewport.

Any ideas what am I missing?

Hello @oria66,

Currently point cloud tilesets are not supported, but we have this open WIP pull request adding support for point clouds. The Melbourne Point Cloud should work in that branch, if it is worth the hassle. We don’t have a good guess of when the point cloud support will be fully finished and added to an official release however.


Thank you, @Nithin_Pranesh.

Hi @oria66,

Point cloud support was just merged with main, so the Melbourne Point Cloud should now render. Feel free to try it out!