Help with Draco Compression


Reference Link :

I was trying to setup Draco encoder/decoder on my AWS machine. I tried it on windows too, but it was getting error for Compiler like below, Then I moved to AWS.
-- The C compiler identification is unknown
-- The CXX compiler identification is unknown

On AWS I configured it, but at "make" command.

There are tons of errors like "error: call of overloaded ‘DecodePoints(draco::DecoderBuf fer*&, draco::PointAttributeVectorOutputIterator<unsigned int>&)’ is ambiguous"

Is there any step by step guide or system prerequisite for Draco Setup?

Also if there are any samples where Draco is used in SandCastle, please let me know.

You might get more help with those Draco specific problems by posting an issue on their repository. Cesium will automatically decompress 3D Tiles that are Draco compressed, so there’s nothing special you need to do on that side. For example, you can select the Draco Compressed Model from the drop down in this Sandcastle example:

Anything you upload on Cesium ion for tiling will automatically be compressed with Draco (except for Point Clouds at the time of writing), so that’s probably the easiest way to get Draco compressed 3D Tiles. If you do need to run this on your own servers there is an on-prem version of ion you can check out: