Help with ground-push-plugin

Hello everyone

I’m a student in GIS and no little about computer graphics. Now I’m trying to upgrade the ground-push-plugin to the latest Cesium 1.16.

My method is stupid, I change the Cesium 1.2 in lib with Cesium 1.16 and found the function available in cesium 1.2 but not in 1.16 and change them with a similar function in 1.16.

First, I change the Function intersectWith in line 53 to intersection like below :

/*var tileContainsRectangle =

!Cesium.Rectangle.isEmpty(Cesium.Rectangle.intersectWith(rectangle, that._outerRectangle)) ||

!Cesium.Rectangle.isEmpty(Cesium.Rectangle.intersectWith(rectangle, that._innerRectangle));


var tileContainsRectangle =

!(Cesium.Rectangle.intersection(rectangle, that._outerRectangle)==undefined) ||

!(Cesium.Rectangle.intersection(rectangle, that._innerRectangle)==undefined);

Then I met another error : Cannot read property ‘indexOf’ of undefined

After debugging the code, I found this.baseVertexShaderString in line 94 is empty in my changed version. And It does have value in the original version.

Can I get some help about how to upgrade the code into the latest Cesium version? Can my method succeed?

Thank you.


Is it possible to upgrade the ground-push-plugin to the latest Cesium or at least Cesium 1.12 ?

Hope anyone can give me some hint


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