How can single objects be deleted using cesium js

I have a 3d tileset in which I have 3d objects (citygml format). I want to be able to delete single feature permanently in the tileset in some way and cannot figure out a way to do so.
please help !


Thank you for your post and welcome to the community :confetti_ball:

Specifically, what kind of features are you looking to permanently delete?



Thank you so much for your response and welcome!!
Im looking to permanently delete specific 3d tiles objecs

these kind of features


I suspect that using the Cesium3DTileSyle object is our best bet for this application.

As you know, each 3D Tiles object has metadata such as the height, material, zip code, etc. I suggest finding metadata that is unique to the asset that you wish to remove (such as the address) and using this to toggle show. For instance, if the asset you wish to remove has the address “5 Jane Ave”, then

show : '${Address} != "5 Jane Ave"'

Would suffice. Please check out our 3D Tiles styling spec for more details on the specifics of this implementation.

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!