How do you use embedded relative url address in a cmzl file?

Maybe I’ve missed something but I’m trying to define some image properties for a billboard definition for use in my CMZL file.

I’ve tried something like this:

var czml = [{
“id” : “document”,
“name” : “Basic CZML billboard and label”,
“version” : “1.0”
}, {
“id” : “some-unique-id”,
“name” : “AGI”,
“description” : “

Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) founded Cesium.

“billboard” : {
“image” : ‘Assets/Textures/maki/camera.png’,
“scale” : 10

A second question I about CMZL files is how can you use the Cesium constants to set say “color” properties?

or make a call to an javascript method on the client to provide the value?

URIs in CZML are defined relative to the location of the CZML document itself (if loaded from a URI), otherwise, relative to the page location.

So your example would work if your document was a sibling of the Assets directory.

thanks for the clarification.