How does cesiumforunreal integrate with python?

How does cesiumforunreal integrate with python?


We have not tried Python integration. All of our API is either Blueprint or C++. That being said, if you decide to experiment with Python, please let us know how it goes!

@agallegos I know a litter base about UE4 intergrate with python, and the start is:

  1. start up python plugins
    by Edit → Plugins search python( there are three plugins: Python Automation Test; Python Editor Script Plugin[Python intergration for the UE4 editor]; Sequencer Scripting[Python and editor utility scripting extensions for sequencer and movie scenes]), then make it enabled, restart project to init python functions.
  2. set python developer mode
    by Edit → Project Settings → Plugins → Python selected developer mode(all users) to make python useful.
  3. start python
    by Windows → Developer Tools → Output Log open output log, then run a python script or a file, for emample:

This is just a python start.

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