Need help with loading Cesium 3D Tilesets via Python

Hey community,

I have a large number of Cesium 3D Tilesets .json files stored on my local drive. I have over a hundred of these tileset.json files, and I would like to add them all in one go into my Unreal project using a Python script.

Unfortunately, I’m having trouble finding relevant documentation or example code to guide me in this process.

Does anyone have experience with this or could point me in the right direction? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I’ve never tried to automate Unreal using Python, so I’m afraid I can’t help. Perhaps someone else here will know the answer.

Is Cesium Py a real thing? I can’t find any support online and the documentation is insufficient. Is there a link that Cesium can provide?

I’ve never heard of Cesium Py, so as far as I know it’s not a real thing.

I think Cesium for Omniverse is more accessible from Python, but that probably won’t help if you’re trying to automate Cesium for Unreal.