How large can cesium load gltf?

**I have a big model,I converted it into more than 40 gltf. The total size of the gltf files is 2.5GB. The browser crashed,when I loaded the gltf files.I want to know how large gltf supports? 2GB or 1GB? **

If I have more gltf files,what is the upper limit of the number of gltf files loaded? What is the upper limit of the total size of the loaded gltf files?

I hope to get your help, thank you very much!

The limit is dependent on how much graphics memory your computer has, and usually 2 GB is where a lot of systems will start to crash. You may need to simplify your glTFs (textures especially), or consider breaking up the model into smaller pieces and using 3D Tiles.

Thanks a millions, There’s another problem that needs your help,How to get all the points of the model in the gltf file?

在 2017年11月7日星期二 UTC+8上午8:28:00,Sean Lilley写道:

Just to be sure, are you trying to use Cesium to get the vertex positions in the model, or are you doing this outside of Cesium? Purely from a glTF standpoint, you can get the vertex positions by looking at the attributes marked with the POSITION semantic. These will point to accessors that contain the position data.

Thanks a millions,I want to get all the points that create the model。

在 2017年11月10日星期五 UTC+8上午6:36:08,Sean Lilley写道:

In Cesium we don’t give access to the model positions. But if you are looking at the glTF by itself you can follow the guidelines above.