How to load 10000 gltf files

I use ceasium to publish 10000 gltf files which are converted from oblique photograph data – osgb file by unmanned aerial vehicle.
Those files are distributed in 25 file p ackages. The file packages’ name are like Tile_+000_+000,Tile_+000_+001,Tile_+000_+002,,Tile_+000_+003,Tile_+000_+004,

… Tile_+004_+000, Tile_+004_+001, Tile_+004_+002, Tile_+004_+003, Tile_+004_+004.

Now I only select 2 file packages(Tile_+000_+000,Tile_+000_+001).

Tile_+000_+000 includes 800 gltf files

Tile_+000_+001 includes 1800 gltf files.

I can load single package to show successfully .But when I loader 2 package files ,google chrome always catch errors like

+001_L25_00072653_0.jpeg Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES

**ame: “RuntimeError”, message: "Failed to load buffer: **

WebGL: INVALID_ENUM: bindTexture: invalid target

vertexShader0.glsl net::ERR_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES

Please explain:

1 the reason. Is it google chrome’s running memory not enough (v8 engine is 1.4G)

2 how to solve massive data loading problem. (Now I use loading one big file packages. and then settimeout another big file packages)

Hello again, I’m glad the obj’s finally converted for you. Judging by the amount of gltf files you have it does sound like you are reaching the memory limit of not just chrome but your GPU. You may want to try unloading models that are far away from the viewer. You could also take a look into using 3D Tiles which seems perfectly suited for what you’re doing. A 3D Tiles tileset will automatically unload tiles that are out of view.