How to crop from all globe only the map i've imported


I’ve started to work on an existing cesium project at React, by default it shows the all globe in 3D,
I created a map from GeoServer and export it to the cesium, I’ve managed to import the map but it shows in the entire globe, after lots of investigation and doco reading I’ve managed to make the globe flat by sceneMode: Cesium.SceneMode.SCENE2D
Now the only thing left for me from the entire world map that right now paint in white except the map I’ve imported is to crop the world map and make only the map from the Geo server to show.
I still trying to search for what method can help me so far didn’t find any…
will appreciate your help, thanks in advance !


Welcome to the community! Is it possible for you to show what you are trying to do in a Sandcastle? Are you trying to replace the default map with the one you imported yourself?


Hi Eli,
Thank you a lot it’s honored to be part of the community (:
And yes I have an existing map and trying to import on the existing one my own one, well basically because I didn’t succeed to delete the existing one…
I will try to make it work on the sandcastle.

I have an config file that run separately so it doesn’t work well