How to export some tiles to blender?

Hi, I’ve tried the merge tools to export just certains tiles to blender (As I need reference to make the camera path via blender animation tools witch are better in my opinion)

It crash when I try to export all.
i didn’t try to uncheck ~+2000 checkboxes as it doesn’t have like blender the click-scroll to uncheck multiple checkbox.

It doesn’t want to select only the one I wish to export, are there any other ways?
I don’t have access to the old actor merging tool as tile isn’t recognized as actor.


It goes against the Cesium ion terms of service to save data from Cesium World Terrain for offline use. You can read more under the relevant “Using our Service” and “Cesium World Imagery” sections.

We do have options available for offline use, and we can put you in contact with someone on our team if you are interested. We’re also currently developing a feature and updated terms of service that would make this task easy and permissible for Cesium World Terrain (and your own data).

Please note that this feature will not be available for third party commercial data like that from Google or Bing.