how to get measure toolbar in sandcastle.

i don’t know java language can someone give me a working html file of cesiumjs with measure toolbar.

link to sand castle not working.

Can you post the link to that documentation page you found?

Thanks! The measurement & analytics widgets are not part of CesiumJS. They’re part of the commercial Analytics SDK:

You can use it by getting an on-premise license for Cesium ion engine. Alternatively, if you just need to take measurements of your data, you can upload your data to Cesium ion, and you can use these measuring tools in Cesium Stories. This tutorial explains how to get your data in Stories so you can make distance/area/height measurements:

Let me know if that helps.

i Want something like this or even more simple

Here is Tutorial

I don’t know java language if someone can provide my (upper tutorial) in final html i’ll just add my 3d tileset to it.


Any solution ???

Have you tried upload your 3D Tiles to Cesium ion ( then using the measurements in Cesium Stories?

Yes, measurements works fine on stories, butt I want a simple measurement in my softwares that i generated using sandcastle.

This is very tipical. I’m facing some trouble with the “EA Games DLC Method” the Cesium is taking. Many useful tools you will get only if put your data online into Ion.

I said once in a forum “I have a military software and need to get this functionality offline here inside my code”

So Omar said: “Ok… we can’t discuss military softwares here. I must CLOSE this thread.”


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The Measure widget is ery nice in ION and we need it in sancastle for JS deployments.

Please advise. Otherwise we have to create a measure widget from scratch?

Hi @Steve_Kompolt,

The measurement toolkit is part of Cesium ion SDK. It is not part of our base API.