How to get the collision UV

I want to get the UV of the collision position on the UCesiumGltfPrimitiveComponent, I tried to use “Find Collision UV” in the bluePrint, but it always returns (0,0).
How can I get it? I wan to create some water effect by using the UV, is there any other method to make it?

Hi @ColeMan,

What version of Unreal Engine and Cesium for Unreal are you using? This should work at least in UE4 as long as you’re on Cesium for Unreal v1.13+. We’re not sure about UE5, due to its switch to the Chaos physics engine.


Hi Kevin_Ring,
I was using UE4.26 and Cesium for Unreal v1.10. I will try to update it and see if it will work.
Thanks a lot.