How to reduce unexpected ripple on 3d model?

Hi all,
When I loaded 3d module with CesiumJS in Chrome, I met an unexpected ripple issue, like showed in the image below. Do you know the root cause, or how to fix it? Thanks in advance


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Does the ripple effect only occur when viewing this 3D model in CesiumJS? If so, I suspect that you are noticing a Moiré pattern. Does this seem plausible to you? If so, I recommend that you check out out the following community forum thread:

@Bowen7 seems to be dealing with a similar issue. As I mentioned in his thread, I do not currently know of a quick fix to this issue. However, modifying the shadow and lighting settings may yield preliminary results.


Thanks Sam for your reply.
As you said, my issue is similar with @Bowen7’s issue (#16011). It may be a common issue. Could you or @Bowen7 or others look into it?

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