How to remove the shadows on half of the earth caused by Directional light?

Hi! In the blueprint CesiumSunSky, I hope to remove the shadow on half of the earth caused by the Directional light. Is there any good solution? Thanks

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I ended up making buttons to increase/decrease the hour if I ended up on the other side of the world, not sure if this is an option for you, but this was good enough for me.


If you’re looking to render the earth without any lighting at all, you could also try creating an unlit material.

  1. Find the M_CesiumOverlay material in the Plugin content folder. Duplicate M_CesiumOverlay and name the duplicate something like “M_CesiumOverlayUnlit”.
  2. Open the material and set the shading model to Unlit. Also, uncheck the “Use Material Attributes” parameter.
  3. Plug the Base Color of the input material to the Emissive Color pin.
  4. In the Rendering section of Cesium World Terrain, set the Material to the custom material you created.
  5. Disable the atmosphere by clicking on CesiumSunSky, clicking on the SkyAtmosphere component, and unchecking the “Visible” parameter while checking the “Hidden in Game” parameter.

Give it a few seconds for the auto exposure to adjust, and you should have an unlit model of the earth.

You may need to modify the material to make it suit your purposes - for example, if it’s too bright you can multiply the BaseColor by .5 or a smaller number before connecting it to the Emissive Color.