How to rotate in different longitudes and latitudes?

Any demo about this?

Hi @available,

Could you clarify a little about what you’re looking to do? Are you trying to rotate an actor?

Yes, rotate an actor. Yaw it 30 degrees relative to the earth’s surface.


Hi @available,

Thanks for your patience. The nearest thing I can think of is to use the Inaccurate Fly To Location functions on Globe Aware Default Pawn actors. These FlyTo functions allow you to set a Yaw at Destination.

Here’s an example blueprint I set up.

For this, the actor would have to be derived from the GlobeAwareDefaultPawn class included with the Cesium plugin. That’s what allows it to be aware of it’s orientation relative to earth’s surface.

If you can’t use a GlobeAwareDefaultPawn-based actor, you should be able to achieve something similar with the standard Unreal rotation tools. Orient the actor so that it’s up direction is aligned with the up direction at that point on earth, then change the actor’s Z rotation. This thread may be helpful for understanding local and world rotations.