How to rotate model/animate its heading?

Hi there

I have an aircraft track defined using an instance of pathGraphics and that’s all working fine. It plays and the camera follows the current point.

The problem is when I attach a modelGraphic instance to the entity - the heading of the model is wrong and I can’t

  1. correct it
  2. animate it according to the heading of my track
    Anyone with experience in doing this that can point me in the right direction?


I am starting to wonder if I am doing this right, since the ModelGraphics class seems to lack a modelMatrix, or the ability to do getNode() to find a node in the model to apply a transform to.

Should I be using a Model instead? If yes, how to access to current position, altitude, heading of the PathGraphics object, and how to use those to update the position and heading of the model?

Any pointers gratefully received. :slight_smile:



I did something similar using CZML, where you can control all the rotation together with path. You can read the CZML wiki to see detail. It’s pretty powerful.

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