How to view a b3dm file in ArcGIS

I have some 3D Tile data as b3dm files that I want to view in ArcGIS Map/Pro however it is currently not a recognised format.
It appears only 3D tile formats such as dae, obj and spk are recognised in ArcGIS.
Does anyone know how I can convert these b3dm files into one of those formats so that I can open them in Arc Pro?


Hey Claire,

Can you tell me a bit more about how you got your data into 3D Tiles? DAE and OBJ are not 3D Tiles. These are formats for 3D models, and they can be converted into 3D Tiles (by uploading to ion for example Once you have 3D Tiles you can view them on the web in a client like CesiumJS (this is a good tutorial on that

Hi Omar,
I received my data as a series of b3dm files within subfolders along with a tilset.json file. Are b3dm files 3D Tiles? I basically want a way of reading these b3dm files in a format which ArcGIS will recognise

B3dm files are indeed a type of 3D Tiles (this paragraph and table here list the different types and what they’re for

Usually, you’d start with the source data (DAE, OBJ etc.) and convert it to 3D Tiles when you want to stream it/view it on the web. I’m not aware of any tools that convert 3D Tiles back into the source data. (Eventually it would be nice if ArcGIS supports viewing 3D Tiles).

Hello All,
Do we have any possibilities as of now in latest arcgis version to consume cesium .b3dm tiles data into esri webscene.