Importing KMZ Tileset from cesium ion to Unreal Engine


I uploaded a kmz file with a kml and glb file inside to Cesium ion. This created a 3D tile that can be seen in Cesium ion. However, when I try to import this into Unreal Engine 3.27.2 the asset doesn’t appear. When I click on the Cesium3DTileset, the location of the asset appears without the asset. I tried creating a blank 3D Tiles Tileset and putting the Ion Asset ID and directly importing it via the Cesium ion Assets. Both of these give the same problem. The error I am getting from the Output Log is as follows:

LogCesium: Error: [2023-06-16 11:21:24.477] [error] [ErrorList.h:72] Failed to load

  • Error when parsing tileset JSON, error code 3 at byte offset 0

Any help will be much appreciated.

i3dm tiles are unfortunately not yet supported. Keep an eye on this issue:

Is there some type of work around, or another way to import multiple 3d graphics into Unreal via cesium? If so maybe you could help me with that.

Thank you.

You might try importing the GLB into Unreal directly, and then using Blueprints or C++ to manually instance it throughout your level.